When it’s OK to strip!

Hebrews 12:1″Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”

Tommy was the Usain Bolt of his time. He was fire on the field! Nobody could ever run faster than him. Tommy had won countless number of awards, and he was still collecting the trophies on a regular basis. You see, Tommy could have just been alright and perfect with his intelligence and skill. But he had to mess up everything by letting pride set in. So one race morning, Tommy woke up and felt he wasn’t recognised as he should so he decided to carry about 120 past trophies with him while running that day so that people would know he didn’t have much to loose if he didn’t win that day. Tommy legit tied up all that heavy metal to his back, put some on his head, and set out for the race. He thought he was so good, he could win the race with all the excess baggage he had. And so when the race began, it was no surprise that he couldn’t go twenty feet before he started to stagger and pant. “What? Why am I staggering? Ok maybe I’ll just drop 10 of these trophies. I’ll definitely be faster then”. So my boy Tommy dropped some of his accomplishments on the ground and continued the race. No need to say that he was way behind others still. He dropped some more on the ground, but no matter how many he let go of, he just couldn’t run faster. With much hesitation and struggle, Tommy finally dropped ALL of the weight he was carrying, and that was when he could push forward and win the race.

You know guys, when I think of it, I think I am presently a Tommy right now and this post or message or whatever you choose to call it is meant for ME. Yes I know I’m the one doing the typing and all, but the way my spirit man is piercing my conscience right now as I’m seated on the couch typing this, I am more than convinced that this sudden WORD is meant for ME. And in as much as I’m resisting to, I’m going to tell you how. Hopefully, someone somewhere is in the same place I was and after reading this, would be able to come out of it.

You see, I’m a very private person. I might be all smiles and jumpy outwardly, but there’s a lot I don’t share with people because I’m dealing with some insecurities. What I’m about to share right now, only very few of my really close friends, and my family are aware of. Personally I don’t feel it’s alright to bring my past to the open, but I know God has a purpose for telling me to do so. So here goes. When I was about 7 or 8, I was abused sexually for the first time. No need to go into major details, but I was just a tiny child in primary 3 whose vulnerability and low self-esteem was taken advantage of by a school bus conductor. Well fast forward to high school, we relocated so I thought I was over that. Only for an electrician in the house to take advantage of daddy’s spoilt fan and mommy’s non-functional micro-wave to sexually abuse a 10 year old. Again. For the second time. Fortunately, somehow dad and mom found out about his ‘electric fixings’ on their little girl and sent him away. I thought that was it, nobody could make a mess of me again. But then, I was wrong. Jss2 came and some senior boys in the school bus felt it would be fun to practice what they watched on the driver’s phone on a small girl who had low self-esteem, and who couldn’t bring herself to trust anyone. So for about two years, this girl was manhandled on a daily basis, both verbally and physically, by not less than 4 senior boys at the last row, the last seat, in the school bus. Sometimes she pretended like she was asleep just so that she didn’t feel like she was intentionally letting them use her the way they wanted, like a football on a field. No she didn’t tell anyone, not because she didn’t want to, but because the people who she thought were her friends, who she once tried to tell about what was happening cornered her at the back of science complex after school one day and slapped her and called her a whore and all sort of sexual abusive names. Anyways, her sister got to know about it and she told their parents. Her dad took her out of the school and moved her to another school. Finally, she graduated from high school and moved to the university where unfortunately, she met again one of those ‘senior boys’ who had contributed to her misery. This time though, it was harder that she had to see him everyday in school, remembering every minute he had laid his hands on her.

You see guys, when Paul says in Hebrews that we should strip off EVERY weight that slows us down in our race, in our walk with God, he didn’t just mean sin alone. He said EVERY weight. It could be weight from the past like mine was, it could be weight from negative people in your life, it could be weight from distractions, it could be weight from toxic relationships, it could be weight from secret sins, it could be weight from any thing. I got to realise, though a little late, that holding on to my past experiences, not forgiving myself and all those people that hurt me, and not letting God forgive me, was slowing me down in my walk with God. It was so much weight on my shoulders, that whenever I tried to move forward in my relationship with God, I just couldn’t. Because those things I allowed to stay were weighing me down. And I couldn’t chase and run after God the way I wanted to. The way I needed to. I had to put away my past, as hard as it was, with prayers, with tears, with trusting the right people, and most importantly with trusting God, before I was able to move forward. Man I had to strip! Now I understand that it isn’t as easy as it sounds (believe me I do understand). But unless you want to win the race, unless you want to move forward, baby you’ve got to strip. You’ve got to lay aside that sin, that past, that person, that relationship, that attitude,and that unnecessary pride. You’ve got to strip off them and RUN. Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth compromising your faith for. I’m still on the process, but at least I’m moving forward. Don’t stay where you are because of some heavy weight. God is ready to work on you if you’re willing to let him. Take them off and chase him. You could never move foward with God if you’re still comfortable with that weight that easily trips you. Now I didn’t say so, Apostle Paul did. Until later, God bless.



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