“For your Glory, I will do anything, just to see You, to behold You as my King, I want to be where You are…”

~ “For your Glory” by Tasha Cobbs

Yesterday, as I was about to start my personal fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I put my songs on shuffle so I could worship for a while. And the first song that played was For Your Glory by Tasha Cobbs. As I listened and worshipped, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation for this post, a revelation that hit me so hard and left me shattered in His presence. And as I share this with you today, I hope with all my heart that you’re left shattered too, just as I was. I believe the Holy Spirit is flooding every heart reading this with revelation light and with understanding, and when you’re done with this post and you retire to your secret place, you’ll be overwhelmed by His presence more than you’ve ever been. So many of us are constantly craving and longing to “be where He is”. So many young people are longing to experience and encounter God. So many believers are hungry for a personal understanding of Jesus. And today, the Holy Spirit is ready to open our hearts to a truth that we must understand, if we truly want to “be where He is”.

So as I was listening to this song yesterday, the Holy Spirit said something to me. The song says “For your glory, I will do ANYTHING, just to see you, to behold you as my King” The Holy Spirit said “how many people are actually willing to do ANYTHING to see me”? As that question echoed in my heart, He said “Praiselyn, believers need to understand the difference between EVERYTHING and ANYTHING”. Believe me, I was lost for a minute. And then it hit me. It hit me so hard, I got on the floor in my room and I cried. I cried and cried for myself. Let me give us an illustration with The woman with the issue of blood. Let’s assume that this woman’s name was Hannie. Now Hannie has been afflicted with a peculiar kind of sickness for some years now. She was bleeding uncontrollably. She was smelly, she had no friends, no family, no strength. Hannie knew the nature of her sickness, she knew how bad it was and how she needed restoration. Now here’s Hannie’s “everything”; Hannie did everything she had to do in order to do away with this disease. She went to the hospital regularly, saw a lot of doctors, ate good food, took a lot of fruits and vegetables, avoided processed foods, drank enough water, washed her clothes regularly, etc. This was everything she could do. And she did it. She did it diligently. She didn’t slacken. Yet, she wasn’t getting well. She was still bleeding. Nothing was happening. Nothing was changing. She had done everything she could, and nothing was happening. Now look at what Luke 8:47 tells us about Hannie’s ANYTHING. “When the woman realized she couldn’t hide any longer, she came and fell trembling at Jesus’ feet. Before the entire crowd she declared, “I was desperate to touch you, Jesus, for I knew if I could just touch even the fringe of your robe I would be healed”. When Hannie realised that everything she could do wasn’t going to get her restored, she decided to do anything she could do to get her restored. And what did she do? Hannie decided to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. Look at what she said. “I was DESPERATE to touch you Jesus, for I KNEW if I COULD JUST TOUCH even the fringe of your garment, I WOULD be healed. Hannie realised that EVERYTHING she could do was within her comfort zone and ANYTHING she could do was outside her comfort zone. Hannie was comfortably doing everything she could do. And guess what? Everything she could do had a limit. It had an end. She got to a point where she had exhausted everything she could do. And then she started to repeat the pattern over and over again. She would go to the hospital again, she would eat fruits and vegetables again, she would do everything again. It became a pattern. The Holy Spirit needs us to understand that our hunger for Him, our thirst for more, our desire for Him, all of it can only be satisfied outside our comfort zone. Outside our “everything”.

So many of us are desiring of Jesus. So many of us are hungry for fire. We’re hungry to burn and burn for Him. We’re thirsty for Him, we want to be consumed with Him. We’ve done everything. We pray consistently, we study the word everyday. Yet, there’s no change. And just like Hannie, we begin to repeat the pattern. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, yet there’s no result. No change, no satisfaction. The truth is this: There’s no space for comfortability in Christianity. See, there’s no complexity in serving God. It’s simple. But it’s not easy too. It’s not comfortable. We can’t expect to experience more in our comfort zone. We can’t expect to be filled by only doing everything we can do to see Him. God is bigger than our comfort zone. He’s bigger than our space. And so we have to go outside our comfort zone to see the rest of Him.

So when we sing “I’ll do anything to see you”, do we really mean it? The song says “Lord please, HEAR MY HEART’S CRY. I’m DESPERATELY waiting to be where you are. I’ll cross the hottest deserts, I’ll travel near or far”. There’s a different kind of cry that our hearts cry. That’s the cry that the Holy Spirit listens to. That’s desperation. That’s the kind of cry that David cried. The cry that is desperate and longing, willing to do ANYTHING to see Jesus, to know Him. The Spirit and the Bride says come to all who are spiritually thirsty. It’s in the book of Revelation. But guess what? If you’re not thirsty, you won’t even make an attempt to come. The Holy Spirit needs us to get to that place of genuine desperation, the place where we are willing to do ANYTHING. Anything is ANYTHING. There’s no limit to it. There’s no end to it. Anything is ” whatever it is even, if it isn’t within my EVERYTHING. There’s a kind of cry that provokes God to move. That’s a cry of a desperate heart. The woman with the issue of blood said “if I could JUST TOUCH. As in, JUST TOUCH. This woman struggled through the crowd, she didn’t care that people were squeezing their faces in disgust as she passed, she didn’t care that she was being ridiculed. Her heart had began to cry. And she was moved to do ANYTHING as a result of that cry in order to get restored.

Friends, there’s so much of Christ to know. There’s so much to drink. There’s so much to experience. But there’s only so much we can experience in the space of our everything. Sometimes we’re scared to leave that space. We’re scared to come out of our comfort zone. We’re scared to do anything that would pinch us. But guess what? God honours sacrifice, so much so that in that place of sacrifice, in that place of doing anything, we find Him as He is. Three Thursdays ago, I woke up to go for my classes and the Holy Spirit told me to stay back and pray. I had two classes that day. 7-9am and 9-11am. I’m an auditory learner. I learn better when I listen. But the Holy Spirit told me to not go for that class and to stay back and pray. It seemed very absurd, it didn’t make sense. But I stayed back, and after my roommates left, I spent some hours enjoying fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And I can tell you with all honesty that I was short of words after that experience. I felt new. I felt alive. I felt revived. I felt like a new born baby. Sometimes, God would require us to give up so many things for His sake. It may seem hard, it may seem like it doesn’t make sense. But guess what? That’s your ANYTHING. And you’ll find more, you’ll see Him, when you do ANYTHING. I could tell you so many notable persons who did ANYTHING for the sake of God, who gave up ANYTHING just so they could be where He is. Paul is my favourite. That man literally said “to die is gain”. And we know how authentic Paul’s relationship with God was. Look at David. That man was a hungry man. There was never a time He wasn’t hungry or obsessed. He would go to the wilderness, even when He had a kingdom, and crave for God. Jesus tells us in the bible that “You’ll find me, when you seek me with ALL YOUR HEART“. We would find God, our hungry hearts would find Him, our thirsty hearts would find Him, when we seek Him with ALL OUR HEARTS. When we are willing to do ANYTHING, to give up ANYTHING, for His sake. Even when it is not comfortable with our flesh.

I’m so challenged by this revelation. I’m so challenged to get out of my space so I can be where He is. And so like Tasha sang, I’m making a declaration that for His Glory, I will do ANYTHING, I’ll do anything to see Him, to know Him. With all of my heart. Until later, God bless!


Author: Praiselyn

Sold out to Jesus!


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