Before the evening comes.

Why party without Jesus?!

Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say “Life is not pleasant anymore”.

One Tuesday afternoon, in a family law class, a question was thrown to the class by our dear lecturer. We were discussing adoption, and somehow there was a diversion and we found ourselves debating on how much level of education a woman should get before ” settling down” and by settling down I mean “getting married”. Of course, beautiful and ambitious Hadiza said her level of education should not scare a man away from her, but make him see her as an asset instead. Our sweet boy Jalil disagreed and said a woman who isn’t married in her early stage is less of a woman. Whoa! I was blown away with that very erroneous statement. However, our millionaire Chinyere said a woman needs to get married before “ the evening of her life comes“. That was such a poetic rhema lol. But yes, that’s the inspiration behind the title of today’s post. (The title and not the post itself.) I couldn’t get that phrase out of my mind. Before the evening comes. Before the sun sets. Before we become tired and go to bed. Before the evening comes.

In high school, we treated this poem in literature talking about the whole seasons in a man’s life starting from his birth, to his teen age, to his youth, and up to his old age which was his evening. From the tone of the poet, anyone could tell that the most exciting season of a person’s life is his youth. And I’m certain that you would agree with me as well. It’s amazing to be young. People attach “wild and free” to “being young”. And the popular snoop dog sang ” So what we get drunk,so what we smoke weed,we just having fun, we don’t care who sees, so what we get high, that’s how it’s supposed to be, living young and wild and free. So you see, it’s common knowledge that most people get to do everything they want and have fun and get the best out of life in their youth. Of course it’s good to have fun. I mean, we only live once don’t we? What is the point of being young if we can’t enjoy ourselves and do all the amazing things that a person can only do when he is young?

You see, God is just so smart and amazing. He must have reasoned that humans would want to get the best out of life in their “morning stage”, and rest in their ” evening”. And you know the good thing, he didn’t stop it. He could have as well programmed us to act like zombies and robots and do nothing exciting. But he didn’t. He gave us the go ahead to have fun in our youth, enjoy our youth, live our best life in our youth. All in our youth. But then again, Solomon who must have had all the good times in life reminds us that even in the midst of our fun and in all the excitement of our youth, it is pertinent that we remember God. When I first came across Ecclesiastes chapter 12, I was confused as to what “Remember your creator meant”. I didn’t forget him before. But as I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me and help me understand, it suddenly became clear. Imagine your dad gives you his credit card and tells you to go get whatever you want and have a good time. But before you leave, he tells you to remember him. I can’t speak for everyone but I know personally that in the process of spending his money and having fun,I remain conscious to the fact that I’m accountable to him and therefore I wouldn’t use all of the cool cash and do as I please. Because I would go back home to tell him how I used the blank check he gave to me. Because the credit card isn’t mine. Just like my life isn’t mine. I can have all the fun I want now, and in the process of doing so, forget that I would have to give an account for it.

Dear young person, dear youth, dear teenager, dear young adult, what better time to serve Jesus than now that we are young? Why wait till when your evening comes and you’re all tired and old? Solomon was a paragon of fun and enjoyment and the founder of the chop life gang himself. But in all of his wealth and glory, he concluded that all is vanity and the whole point of our existence is to fear God. To remember him. And our bonus as young people is that we can do that before our evening comes. We can have all the fun and good times we want, we can choose to live in the excitement that comes with youthful living. But even in that, all that Jesus is asking is that we remember him. He wants us to include him in our fun plan. He’s asking that we don’t forget to love him while living our best lives. He knows there is so much distractions and wrong assumptions that come with living in the fullness of our youth. But he’s asking that we remember him in all of it. He’s asking that we include him in all of our fun plans and ideas.We’ve left him out of the fun so many times because we think he’s a boring party spoiler. But today, he wants us to know that we can have fun with him. We can be young and dope for him. He’s not the boring solemn old person that we have envisioned him as. He doesn’t want us to get carried away with all the excitement and forget him. He wants to be involved now. Before our evening comes.

Someone asked me if I don’t feel like doing some of “these things” sometimes and get bored of Jesus. And that’s exactly the problem! Why should being a genuine Christian and having a relationship with Jesus seem boring and unappealing? People have become very accustomed to the mentality that the whole Christianity thing is just for the old and married people and then young people choose not to seek God and have a relationship with him because the thought of missing out on all the seemingly good things is unacceptable. I did think so too. But I’m beyond glad that I can testify that life with Christ is literally the BEST life. And it’s even better now that we are young, before the evening comes. So what do you say darling? Are you in? Until later, God bless! #YDFC


Author: Praiselyn

Sold out to Jesus!

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