What are you craving for? The giver or the gift?

Psalms 63:1’O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.’

Imagine getting back from work or school, soaked in sweat from the hot sun, and so thirsty, you could hardly breathe. I’m certain that the first thing you would reach for once you’ve gotten home is a cold bottle of water to quench your thirst. But what happens if you get home and there is no water at allšŸ˜£? Do you then take a slice of bread that won’t satisfy you but only make you thirstier?

For a while now I haven’t been so active on the blog and that’s because I was trying to be refilled with the thing that matters most to me. It seemed so much like I was drained and dehydrated, and I was trying to get my satisfaction from somewhere else other than Jesus. I was suffering from a kind of loss and I thought I could fill up the vacuum in my heart with frivolities and things that don’t really matter. But I wasn’t feeling better. I talked to a few friends about it and I thought I’d be fine. But that emptiness was still there. But guess who helped me out? His royal majesty, King David. Apparently, David had experienced what I was experiencing and he knew just what I needed. And I’ll tell you how.

So a really long time ago, David was forced to leave his throne and run to the wilderness to save his life. I can’t tell if he was pursued by ‘bad guy Saul’ or by ‘bad guy Absalom’ at that time but I know it wasn’t a good one. He had to leave the palace and his Kingdom. He was in so much trouble and his life was in danger. Man he didn’t have water, and you can tell how thirsty he must have been with the sun shining its brightest. And you know what was worse, God wasn’t so pleased with him at that time. So David’s greatest loss wasn’t just that he had been separated from his power and rule or that he was in the wilderness. It was that he had been separated from the worship of God, from his presence. And you know what David wanted the most? He wanted the lord. He wanted to be filled and be consumed with the presence of the Lord. Even with the ache all over his body, with the sun beating down on him, with his Kingdom lost and his life in danger, all David thirsted for was Jesus. If you read further in Psalms 63, David said he is satisfied in the presence of the Lord. David wasn’t craving for the power he had lost, for the kingdom he had been forced to give up. He wasn’t craving for the gifts. He wanted the Giver who could fill him to the brim and quench his thirsty soul. Because the giver is enough for him.

Sweetheart, what’s your satisfaction? What are you thirsting for? Whose touch does your body yearn for? Are you after the gifts that can only satisfy for a short time or the Giver that satisfies forever? You see, our hearts would forever be restless until we find rest in him. Because the Giver did not make us to be filled up by the gifts but only by the Giver. Man was created for God, and at the core of our being is a vaccum that only God can fill. Until Jesus is enough for you, until Jesus becomes your satisfaction, nothing else can. Not the pleasures of the world, not a man, not a woman, not a porsche assurance, not school grades, not your career, not children, not anything. That emptiness that we sometimes feel in our hearts can only be filled up by Jesus. That’s why he said we should seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness. You see that? He comes first. Isn’t it time for us to get to that stage where even in the most challenging wilderness, all we thirst for is his presence? Even in the midst of heartbreak and hopelessness, all our soul yearns and longs for is him? It isn’t even enough to thirst for God. We need to be satisfied in him. We need to enjoy him. William Guthrie said “It’s the experience of a christian to be able to say of Christ, less would not satisfy, more is not desired.” That is he alone is enough for us. Even without the gifts. Today’s post is a wake up call. What indeed are we after? Where is our satisfaction found in? Is our soul really thirsting for more and more of Jesus or are we thirsting only for what he has to offer? We don’t even need to get to the point where we loose everything before we begin to long for God. Even in abundance, in times like this where it is so easy to be consumed by the interesting offers of this world, our satisfaction, our completenes, can only be found in Jesus. In the Giver.

I’ll end with the story of the young man who went to an old preacher in search for God. After so much talking and the old man noticed there was no progress, he took the young man to the river, grabbed his head, and put it inside the river. The young man was squirming and struggling so bad to get his head out of the river but he couldn’t. Finally, the old man brought him out of the water and asked,”just now, what did you need more than anything?” “Air of course!”,the young man replied. Smiling, the old man said “so son, when you want God as bad as you wanted air,you’ll find him”. Until later, God bless!


Author: Praiselyn

Sold out to Jesus!

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